I dedicate this website to a friend in the Usa who always inspires me with his kindness

Paintings ( more informations on demand)



   Cubs in Africa ( Oil paint from imagination)




      Landscape ( acrylic  from imagination)





       Little poney ( acrylic from imagination)




    Surprised swan ( acrylic from imagination)



The bedside lamp ( oil paint from nature )



        Happy dolphin ( acrylic imagination)


     Amalfi Coast ( acrylic from personal picture)




   Music ! ( Arcylic from imagination)




Adeline's portrait (In Art school, oil paint from nature) SOLD

 Mc P's Pub in San Diego ( oil paint from    personal picture)


 The cave ( oil paint from imagination) 



 Father's mandolin ( oil paint from   nature and imagination)


The fishing boat (acrylic from imagination)



     Saint Barhelemy Island from a trip