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For bedtime


( Version française/french version)




Tippi is a little bear all white and all round.

He lives in a cave with his mom Nouka in the vast   North Pole. Today Nouka decided to teach him how     to fish, so he could learn how to feed himself.

They moved confidently across the ice until they reached a big opening.

'' Here'', she explained to him, '' is where'' we are    going to find the fish''. Tippi leaned toward this big  mirror that was the water. He was making rings in     the water with his nose when suddenly, a fish     jumped!

He was so surprised that he lost his balance and        fell on his back!

 ''Wow! '' he cried out asking himself :'' what was that?''; '' You are in too much of a hurry! '', Nouka    said to him, '' be patient!''

The cub was unhappy and wanted to show his     mother that he could fish like an adult bear,             but he wasn't giving the fishes enough time              to get used to him. Tippi saw a shadow moving            through the water and jumped with delight, which    made the surface of the water whirl.

He was so excited he didn't realize that the ice        was starting to crumble under his weight and    SPLOOSH! He fell into the water dazed.

'' That enough! '' said Nouka as she grabbed the   soaked cub by his neck and set him on the ice.        She then told him to be quiet and pay attention ...

She decided to end the lesson, she plumged her       big paw into the water and with her great ability she captured the wily fish.

For sure, the next time Tippi will follow the advices      of his mom and will be neither impatient or rowdy.

 Catimage                                                             ( I thank my sister Lauren who helped  with the translation)