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Story for bed time ....  


Version française/french version 


                CHIPPIE  THE MAGPIE



 The following day, she goes back to the small garden where the day before, she found the jewel. Like every morning, she goes to enjoy the crumbs that she finds at the foot of the flowerbed. On the menu today there is cake. Suddenly, coming out of the house there is a little girl in tears, searching the table carefully and the surroundings, looking lost. Chippie who is watching from a pine tree where she found refuge, is asking herself : '' Why so much commotion ? Watching the little girl closely, she understands what is happening, the child has lost something. Chippie returns toward her home and finishes off the piece of cake that she took with her.








Oh ! Exclaimed Chippie seeing a small flash on the garden table, she goes closer, puzzled... No, her sharp eyes didn't mislead her, with a quick peck she snatches the gleam that is nothing less than a golden ring, set with a red stone.  She launches herself toward the sky to hide her treasure in her tree. One more, between the little spoons and other sparkling items that accumulate at the mercy of her hunts.            




 All of a sudden, she froze ... '' Wait !'' saying to herself. That jewel she found, doesn't it belong to this crying child ? She moved when she realizes that this is the same little girl who, every morning without fail, scatters the leftovers of her breakfast for her.

The guilt overcomes Chippie, she grabs hold of the ring, then in a short hop comes back to the scene of the crime and puts back the precious object. She is perched not far away, waiting patiently, fifteen minutes pass by when she notices the child who is now calm. She heads directly to the place where the magpie put down the ring, a present given to her by her grand-mother the previous year. She saw from the bedroom window the bird land and bring back her precious ring. 

She follow the bird with her eyes until he disappears, a most beautiful smile lights her face.

Catimage    ( I thank  my sister who helped  with the translation)