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                                             *   The Christmas Mouse  *



               * The Christmas Mouse *



 '' Jingle bells, jingle bells '', sings Mitzi. Since dawn she has been very excited, it is December 24th. Tonight is the night that Santa Claus is going to put gifts beneath the Christmas tree. Mitzi decided to open them all, no exceptions! It is not that she has any use for them, but she wants to be the first to discover what the pretty papers hide, she is very curious!





 It's moving while saying something in a loud voice to her. She comes closer, intrigued. She is now at the very top of the fir, when she recognizes the shape of a human being. He is dressed all in red, has a long white beard and says at regular intervals '' Ho ho ho! Merry Christmas! Merry Christmas! ''.






Poor Mitzi, she collapses at the foot of the Christmas tree. A few hours pass and she wakes up. '' What happened? '', she says to herself opening her eyes. Her gazes falls upon those of a little boy.





Mitzi tells herself : '' Why not? ''. She calms down at last. While enjoying her christmas log cake that the little boy had given her, she open her gift. It's a box of chocolates, Mitzi loves them, she is delighted! She thanks the child by licking his hands and promises to herself to never again open any gift that doesn't belong to her.


( I thank my sister Lauren, who helped with the translation)





 Mitzi passes the day leaping about the house. She spins around the fir tree, playing with the garlands and is having fun with the Christmas ball ornaments with her nose. Suddenly something attracts her attention. '' Let's have a look '' she says.






 The mouse who is ignorant of what is going on, gets frightened. She tries to escape as fast as possible from this strange creature, who says a few incomprehensible things to her. She jumps from one branch to another, holding on tightly to the garlands, when all of a sudden, one Christmas ball ornament comes unhooked and falls on her head.





 He put her in his wool slipper and is carrying her with his two hands. The mouse attemps to run away once more, but unfortunately, her paw is sprained and she can't move! 

The little boy delicately places the slipper on the floor and tells her : '' Well if you want to, you can stay with us, Santa Claus just came by and there is a gift for you! '' The mouse is touched by the sight of this child, who is offering her hospitality, even though she had planned to open all of the packages.